Jan 7, 2011

Airports 101

On occasion I work for a photography company and we travel all over the country and take pictures of dance competitions. So, we spend quite a bit of time in different airports all over the country. Today I had an especially long layover in Phoenix. As I sat, I put my book down for a moment, and started to really look at the people there. I realized that you can classify people at the airport into two categories and a few different sub-categories.

Category 1 = People that do not belong at an airport!
These people have no clue what they are doing! Usually they have a lot of things in their hands, including their boarding pass and id from going through security, they ask for directions and/or instrucitons, they look somewhat scared and alone.
  • Sleepers = (They could belong but they will never follow the dress code) You can spot these people from two miles away. This person will be wearing sweats, ugg boots, maybe basketball shorts, they will have messy hair, one of those donut things you put around your neck, a pillow, and a stuffed animal. Personally I don't like sitting by these people because they often snore, drool, and/or stink because they haven't showered.

Category 2 = People who belong
These people know what they are doing and they are "experienced"
  • Readers = These people always have a book in hand and can't get their nose's out of it. They will often run into other people, walls, trash cans, recycle bins, trip over laptop power cords, etc. They usually know what they are doing but often times they forget where they are and how they got there.
  • Rushed Businessmen and women = You can spot these people from a mile away. They will, for the most part, be dressed nice, like in a suit, they will have one roller bag with a smaller bag attached to the handle. They will be on their phone, with or without a Bluetooth. When they aren't walking they are trying to look busy so, they get on their "work laptops" and play games. They are usually in a bad mood and are always in a hurry!
  • Techies = These people are often disguised as business people. They always have their head phones in, they will always be texting, when they are waiting they are watching a movie or playing a game on their macbook or ipad, and the make sure everyone can see what they are doing and how cool they look with their gizmo's.
  • "Lookers" = (This sub-category could go under category 1 but I just left it here) These people are the best to watch. Let me paint you a picture. A guy, hair spiked, nothing in his hands, he will usually have a backpack (one with lots of straps hanging off it), if you are lucky you will catch him with sunglasses on inside!, they are always looking as fresh as they can. By that I mean they are wearing what they thing they look best in. Here is how you spot them ..... they are always looking, but not just looking, they are checking everyone out. They are looking, and hoping to meet someone they can hook up with in the airport. You will often hear or see them talking really loud or even yelling to draw attention to themselves, they do this so everyone will think that they are perfectly calm and at ease in the airport, when in reality they are terrified to fly. They are fun to watch but if you aren't careful they may think you are checking them out.
Who am I - I think that I am a combination of a reader, techy, and (I had to admit it) a little bit of a looker. In my defense there are usually some very pretty women at the airport! Who are you? Leave a comment of what kind of airport traveler you think you are.


  1. That post was great up until the disclamer, rule number one of blogging. Try to offend people and don't say sorry. With that said, I think you nailed the people perfectly. I love the sleeper who is traveling with her 3 kids... What a disaster.

  2. What a disaster indeed! You make a good point I am going to delete the disclaimer! Thank you blogmaster