May 8, 2011

Fiberglass or Not

Okay, so I am up in the air on this one. I have recently been customizing my motorcycle to give it more of a cafe racer feel. I have done a few things and now I really want to change the seat! There are two options that I like and I can do both of them for relatively cheap. I want to keep the seat big enough to fit two people on it (you know, for the ladies).
I think that I can make the fin? on the back small enough to where I can still fit two people on it. The second option that I like is like this ...
This one would have no issues fitting two people on it. The problem is I think that I like the look of the first style better. I guess I'll just have to take some measurements and figure it out. Anyway that is the next step for my bike. After that it should look pretty cool ... I hope!

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